Biometric Door Access: Starter Kit or Single Terminal

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Biometric Door Access: Starter Kit or Single Terminal



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Starter Kit

  • David-Link’s Biometric Door Access Control Starter Kit (A-1300P) offers abundant solutions for ALL TYPES OF INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS allowing you to secure your facility with a reliable yet cost-effective and user friendly access control system. The A-1300P has everything that employers need to secure their office with quick installation. Using the programmable limited or timed access controls, business owners and administrators not only control personnel access times, but can eliminate the worry of unauthorized/after hour entry from current or former employees and key holders.
  • The A-1300P is a stand-alone door access control equipped with the latest David-Link Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Sensor (500DPI), scanning a fingerprint in less than 1 second. Each terminal on your network is assigned an IP address which enables the Door Access Software (included within the package) to pull data from multiple terminals, and the software control system offers administrative features including the ability to edit, add or archive records.
  • David-Link ensures customers are provided with the most advanced technology for a reasonable, and most times better than competitive, price, supporting our belief that every employer deserves to grow their business within a secure, safe and “success first” focused environment.
  • The A-1300P Biometric Door Access Control Starter Kit minimizes your worries and costs while maximizing value by providing everything you need in one (1) box:
  • 1 x A-1300 Stand-alone Terminal
  • 1 x 600-lb Electromagnetic Lock
  • 1 x Push-to-Exit Button
  • 5 x Proximity Card (RFID)
  • 5 x Wires
  • 1 x USB Flash Drive
  • 1 x David-Link Door Access Software


  • Good for up to 3,000 Fingerprint Templates
  • Record up to 60,000 access
  • Download Employee Records with a USB Flash Memory Device, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB Cable connection
  • Standard Proximity Card Reader (Optional)
  • Wall Mounted Door Access Control System
  • Display Employee Name on Screen When Punching In
  • Connects Directly To any Computer through the USB Cable or Ethernet
  • Administrator Feature to Edit, Add or Delete Records
  • The Latest David-Link Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Sensor (500DPI)
  • Employee Authentication Methods: Fingerprint, Proximity Card (RFID) or Pin Number
  • FRR: <= 1%
  • FAR: <= 0.0001%
  • Package includes: 1 X Biometric Door Access Control terminal?
  • Optional: Power Supply Kit (Control up to 4 door access devices), Bell, Alarm or Software Managing System

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 6 in

Starter Kit, Single Terminal


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